How it all began!

In the cold winter months 2013/14, Heinz has dealt with the idea to preserve his old audiophile treasures and heirlooms from ruin. Many high-quality tape recordings and countless records slumbered in shelves of his small sound archive. Some of the tapes contained recordings from the 50s. At that time the broadcasting station of the American Forces in Germany - short AFN – still transmitted from Heidelberg. For countless hours his father had been sitting in front of the tube radio and had recorded the most beautiful pieces on tape.

His tape recorders and record players had always been well maintained and serviced, the electronics had elaborately been revised then by his son (Heinz) and the sound of the "Vintage Machines" was still outstanding. But how do you get these recordings and records transported into the digital world? A converter was needed!

Heinz searched the internet for an analog-to-digital converter which corresponded to his objectives. But the expectation of finding countless providers in Google, was quickly tarnished. There were only one or two suppliers from the Far East, who offered an ADC being more or less able to cope with the different levels of the tape inputs and outputs. But a provider in Hannover on the website offered a kit that was very promising. Controllable inputs and sampling frequencies that belong to the studio area.

An email to the owner of the site was quickly written. It was Uwe, our co-founder and today the "Gyro Gearloose" of audio electronics development. Heinz was simply struck dead by the technical possibilities that could be in his ADC, if one extended, planned, developed and implemented it with Heinz’ wishes. So pretty quickly an intimate exchange of ideas and visions developed. Uwe, who got his longtime business friend Sonny on board from the beginning, quickly suggested a joint meeting in Hannover. Sonny, who was to build an absolutely precise 5.1 Crossover for his old and famous friend Michael Cretu (Enigma) for his studio in Ibiza in 2007, found Uwe in much the same manner in the web. Uwe's calculation skills and circuit proposals had been convincing then, and so a technical and interpersonal friendship developed. Now all three are in a team and - no sooner said than done - the idea of SSB Audio and the ADICON was born!

Our project began with a blank piece of paper, the idea to design an analog-to-digital converter absolutely pristine in sound. Quite early we decided to implement the project by a crowdfunding campaign because it is virtually impossible for us as newcomers to the consumer market to estimate sales opportunities for our baby to 100%.

So we included our old friend Michael, another audio enthusiast, to help us with the kickstarter campaign. He has lived in the UK since 2003 and is a brilliant networker with lots of interesting international contacts.

Our idea took on shape quickly and has constantly been refined and elaborated. The feature set has steadily been expanded, without losing the focus on the genuine sound of the converted music. The requirements formulated for an ADC, requests for additional features and a design that harmoniously conforms to the established designs of hi-fi product lines were determined in long-term research in German, US and other international hi-fi forums.

In principle, the Kickstarter community could have been involved earlier, but we are still open to your feedback and suggestions. Nevertheless, we are confident to present here today a professionally developed and timelessly designed hi-fi product satisfying highest demands in quality and sound.