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ADICON - Audio Analog Digital Converter in BLACK

The ADICON enables you to use a digital link, either optical or coaxial, between your turntable or tape recorder and your sound system. There is one input for the turntable and one input for the tape recorder provided. The built-in high-performance RIAA preamplifier enables you to directly connect your remote turntable. Should you want to use your existing preamp - no problem, the input is capable of handling that, too. Then you can transcribe your vinyls to your tape recorder and listen to your recordings. Moreover, the powerful headphone output enables you to listen to tapes and vinyls without turning on your sound system.

With its 24 bit resolution and a sample rate of up to 192 kHz and with its strictly neutral design it offers you a brilliant signal quality and a pristine sound. Precise leveling of the digital audio signal is possible thanks to the 2 x 10 LED digital SPPM (Sample Peak Programme Meter), which widely meets the EBU - European Broadcasting Union requirements for professional studio equipment. Both inputs can be leveled individually. Read the full technical specification here.

What is in the box: The ADICON, power supply for international use, TOSlink cable 1m, USB A/B cable 1.8m




The ADICON offers one line and one phono input, one line and one headphone output, two digital outputs, six sampling rates and an easy-to-read level meter (SPPM) to adjust the sensitivity of each source individually.

1 x RCA line input Phono MM (MC optionally) switchable to Tape/Aux, 1 x RCA line input for Tape/Aux combined with European 5-pole DIN connector for Record/Playback

Optical TOSLINK & coaxial RCA-Out for the digital audio signal. Analog line outputs by two RCA jacks and DIN connector. USB port for direct connection to your Mac/PC as option. Headphone jack 6.3 mm on the front pane

A digital SPPM (Sample Peak Programme Meter) with 2x10 LEDs which meets the requirements for professional studio equipment serves to level the digital audio signal precisely. Green, yellow and orange LEDs show the undistorted range, red LEDs indicate clipping.

Built-in high quality and high power headphone amplifier for direct listening.

The housing design can be varied in future product series. Brushed or anodized aluminum, chrome, stainless steel or gold plated front panels will be available soon for special editions.

Unpack and connect - plug and play. The ADICON can be connected to any analog audio source ever built: Tape recorders, turntables with MM (optionally MC) cartridges or even FM tuners.

Outstanding manufacturing quality and the use of carefully selected components is our credo. Assembled in Germany, accurately tested before shipping and built for decades.

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